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Ways to take action

Use Five through the Filter

  • Personally

  • If you are responsible for someone else, help them learn and use it within their functionality. 

Use your skill(s) to help disseminate

Whatever skill(s) you have that can help, contact us and let us know.  

Immediate needs examples:

  • Advocacy kit

  • Marketing

  • Accessibility of materials and website

  • Age and functionality adaptations and materials, e.g. children's book

  • Language translation

  • Technology, e.g an app to help people with learning, implementing, and being connected. 

  • Data evaluation 

  • Graphics

  • Edit, copy, formatting of workbooks

  • Assistance with train-the-trainer toolkits

  • Video editing

  • Sharing opportunities, e.g. podcasts, YouTube, webinars

  • Fundraising

  • Trainers – see next section.

Become a trainer

Train for community groups or/and professionals who need CEUS. 

Requirements include:

  • Train-the-trainer training and learning collaborative, with successful completion of two trainings. 

  • Collecting and submitting data for all trainings.

There will be a train-the-trainer eLearning available, to create an easier path. In the meantime, simply contact if interested. 

Financial partnering

For those who can, you can donate through the 501(c)3, by clicking on the world image below or the donate button. 

Finances help us:

  • Provide materials for free 

  • Provide community and professional trainings

  • Have cultural and functional adaptations

  • Advocate effectively 

  • Do all we can for all innocents 

  • So on

There is no amount too small, every bit helps. 

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