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My time as a UNA-USA delegate, and call to action.

I participated as a UNA-USA delegate, in the UN’s 66th Commission on the Status of Women. As I listened to plenaries, was part of side events, and engaged with co-delegates, there was the consistent theme of all that is needed. Our global lack of true logic and connection was on display, from stories of child trafficking by marriage, through stories and data on disparities, prejudice, environmental impact, so on. And while I’ll focus on how we address the lack by the Connect All approach, I also saw in those who spoke and shared, the same potential for change I see in others.

Let me share a bit of the Connect All approach.

Whether of our true free will or not, every moment, what we and others are doing, or not doing, affects our and other life’s safety and possibilities.

Hence, every moment matters:

• For me to be doing the best thing possible.

• For myself and others, to whatever extent possible, have what we need- to decrease the risk of being harmful to ourselves and other life, and able to contribute our best to the world.

So why are we not already living this way? And being UN specific, we already know the need for the SDGs (Sustainable Developmental Goals) and more, so why aren’t we already doing all we can?

When we analyze all we can address, from child abuse, to all the areas we need answers, the lack of logic and connection* is either the cause of or/and the reason it’s not being addressed as it could be. (*Logic: To objectively think things completely through, considering all possibilities. Internal Connection: Know my value, know how I function, stay self-aware.) Hence, we need to do all we can to ensure we and others know why, how, and practice being as logical and connected as possible. These are teachable and measurable.

The Connect All approach shows how we start with the logic-connection foundation to all we can address, then individually and globally address:

• what can be directly

• synthesized commonalities beyond, then any nuances

And, as part of that, we have a daily self-care framework: to equip each person to/try to do our best as individuals, and equip us as a community to achieve our global needs. A measurable standard to hold ourselves and others accountable.

The current lack of this logical-connective approach results in needless suffering, and waste of resources and time - which is why it is so urgently, desperately needed.

A synopsis of the foundation, including the self-care framework:

While it’s a working draft, the Module 1 guide and workbook:

The next available training is April 7-8, 2022, it is open to anyone and does provide some CEUs. While this event has a fee for pragmatic reasons: the goal is obviously to get to where funds aren’t an issue; and if you absolutely can’t afford it, message me to approve a reduced or free registration. Details and registration:


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